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Upcoming 2022
Community Events

Grand Diva Oriental Contest

Join the fun at The Grand Diva (50+) Contest with special awarded winner guest dancers and Egyptian Tabla player George Sadak.


Saturday June 18th at 3pm.


Sheridan Market & Roadhouse

15348 Bothell Way NE, Lake Forest Park, WA 98155

Click here: Event Page

Emerald Sanctuary Bellydance Retreat

Emerald Sanctuary BellyDance Retreat is BellyDance camp! We offer a full array of styles of BellyDance Workshops from many World Class Instructors. We have Live Music provided by House of Tarab, George Sadak & David Reihs for you to enjoy, dance and perform to.


August 24-28 

Dry Falls State Park

Coulee City, Wa.


Click here: Event Page

Bellydance Evolution: Wizard of Oz

Inspired by world fusion and Middle Eastern dance traditions, Jillina's BDExperience reimagines this classic tale, incorporating Raqs Sharqi, Fusion and Folkloric dance to an original score by Paul Dinletir and featuring new music by Khader Ahmad. Show & Workshops.

Sunday July 24 at 5pm

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