To my English speaking friends the world Bulerias may sound a bit strange. To my Spanish speaking friends unfamliar with flamenco, the word sounds a lot like the word burlar, "to make fun". Well, oddly enough that is exactly, what "bulerias" is inteded to be, fun!

In Jerez I learned that Bulerias is more than just music and a series of steps. It's attitude. It's a person's opportunity to show others a light hearted glimpse into one's personality. It is a festive dance that involves a circle of a singer, guitarist(s) and a group of friends claping in rhythym, otherwise referred to as doing "palmas".

Those doing palmas, take turns going into the center of the circle. Each dancer performs the series of steps that define the dance as a buleria and then spicing it with their own flair. As long as the dancer is in compas (in rhythm with the music) the dancer is free to express themselves however they please. From swimming, to break dancing to zombie dance bulerias is a whole lot of fun to watch!

So will you be seeing some zombie moves in my repoitorire probably not...but I can say that one of the many things I learned in studying bulerias is to always have fun and do what is comfortable for you. If you are at ease, then you are more likely to enjoy yourself dancing and the audience will have fun with you too. This is one my many take aways that Ani, my bulerias teacher often reminded us of in class.

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