Belly Dance Off!

10 belly dancers will be competing this Sat at Belly Dance Off! Belly Dance Off is one of my favorite events in the NW because you learn a lot from it as both an audience member and as a participant.

As a performer your audience is always judging you. Whether they are making commentary to their friends or running an inner dialog about your costume, your movements, your music or whatever it may be about your performance. It’s natural that as a public figure people will judge you, but with Belly Dance Off you get to hear that feedback immediately after your performance, in front of an audience! The audience however is also learning when they hear this feedback, they learn what to like in a performer and when to expect more.

As an audience member I love hearing the live feedback! I have found that even though I’m not the one dancing, that I learn a lot from listening to the judge’s feedback to the performers. The judges are professionals that have been performing or in show businesses for many years. Their advice is hard earned and quite valuable.

From hearing their feedback in past competitions I’ve learned some important lessons by seeing the examples of what to do and not to do played out before me. From hearing the judge’s feedback, I’ve learned to become more conscious of facial expressions, audience interaction and choosing costumes that enhances your movements. I also learned movements, accents and moments in the performers routine that I really liked and found inspiring.

As a participant, it’s even a more enriching experience because it forces you to really listen to the music and understand it well. For the competition the music is played live and that adds an element of unpredictability that you don’t get with CD music. The first time I participated in the competition I studied with music from CDs. However, when it was played live it not only sounded very different, but there was singing that accompanied the live version that I had not practiced to!

This Saturday I plan to go watch and support my friends that are dancing and I hope others belly dancers in the area will go out too. Even if your friend’s aren’t performing go out for yourself and see it as an opportunity to grow.

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Photo Credit: Al Martinez

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