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Performance at the Triple door with the Rumba Kings

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Audiences enjoy Mariana for her elegant, fun, and family-friendly performances. She enjoys making people happy and loves to share her joy with the audience.  

White Party
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Performance at a customer appreciation party

Why hire Mariana?

Mariana helps break the ice at your event. She warms up the audience with a lively and elegant performance that is suitable for all ages.  She makes the audience feel comfortable enough that even before she's done with her show people are often already up dancing and having a good time!  And if the audience doesn't know how to dance, she shows them what to do and have fun with it.

Bellydance Performance at a Seattle Wedding

Performance at a wedding reception

What does a show include?

What's included varies by event and what's appropriate for the audience. For example, a wedding typically involves a showy entrance with props like a candelabra,  wings or veils. A bridal party can involve a shorter performance paired with a group lesson and a birthday party usually involves getting the person of honor up to dance along after I've done a short performance.  I work with your needs to make your party special! Press the "Book now" button and we can discuss what options are available.

Bellydance Performance at Seattle's TurkFest

Performance at Turkish Festival

What type of event is a bellydancer appropriate for?

Bellydance is appropriate for many types of events such as weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, henna parties, anniversaries, birthdays, retirement parties, corporate celebrations, themed events and any occasion where you need someone to liven up a party and get people dancing!