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Audiences enjoy Mariana for her elegant, fun, and family friendly performances. She enjoys making people happy and loves to share that enthusiasm with her audience.  


Mariana helps break the ice at your event. She warms up the audience with a lively and elegant performance that is suitable for all ages.  She makes the audience feel comfortable enough that even before she's done with her show people are often already up dancing and having a good time!  And if the audience doesn't know how to dance, she shows them what to do and have fun with it.

The length and type of show varies by event and what's appropriate for the audience size. A group class is also available in place of a performance for events such as a bachelorette party, woman's party or organizational event.


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Recent Performances

Recent Performances

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Mariana has competed in several competitions of which she has won the following:

  • La Danse Orientale 2017 - 2nd Place Professional CD

  • Nach Meri Jaan 2015- First Place Bollywood Troupe as a member of Blue Lotus Dance Company

  • La Danse Orientale 2015 - 1st Place Alternative Fusion

  • La Danse Orientale 2014 - 2nd Place Themed Alternative Fusion

  • Belly Dancer USA 2012 - 1st Place People's Choice Alternative Music

  • Belly Dancer USA 2012 - 2nd Place Seven Veils


Double the fun

Hire Mariana & Michelle

Whether it's making your event special with an elegant performance of one of our choreographed routines or one that is all about getting the party started, Mariana and Michelle are a fun pair to help make your party extra special and fun!

Seattle Bellydance Duet

Seattle Bellydance Duet

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Karavans Dance Troupe

We offer folkloric dances from the MENHAT region.  Often performing at large multicultural events for organizations wishing to showcase cultural diversity.

We have a wide repertoire of dances, such as Persian Banderi, Rice Harvest and Qajar dances, Egyptian Hagallha, Assaya, Tunisian and more!  Call to discuss all the different folks dances that are available for your event.