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Upcoming Events & Performances

Mariana is  constantly creating, teaching, performing and creating community.  She's always got something on the horizon.  Click on each photo to learn more!

Past Events

Marrakesh Seattle

Mariana is a regular house dancer at downtown Seattle's iconic Marrakesh restaurant. She performs monthly, or as her schedule allows. Her next show date is Sat. March 30.

*Reservations required.



A community building, cross cultural variety dance and music show featuring professional PNW performers on the global dance and music scene. Held at Big Block Brewery in Redmond. All ages welcome!

Mariana and Omega co-host this quarterly event.

April FB cover.png


Fostering a true global community through dance. Jamballah NW celebrates all facets and faces of SWANA / MENAHT and American street and stage style dances, together in a beautiful, inclusive atmosphere. Mariana will be performing and teaching at JamBallah NW July 5-7.

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Step Into Spring

Performing artist and master instructor, Lebanese Simon returns to the Seattle area after 10 years! We have a weekend of fun and educational workshops, live music, and plenty of opportunities for you to dance!  Mariana is host and sponsor for this event.

Step Into Spring-3.png
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