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Personal Training 

All sizes and shapes deserve to feel good about exercise.

Being "fit" should be defined as physical, mental and nutritional wellness.

Every body is different and has unique 
training needs.

Exercise should be fun!




Training Philosophy


Mariana's passion is to help people achieve their wellness goals.  As a Professional Project Manager, planning and achieving goals has been her career focus for the past 15 years. Now she's taking those skills and applying them to help her clients.

She is a Precision Nutrition coach, National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer, a Les Mills BodyPump, Tone, BodyBalance (Yoga/Pilates/TaiChi flow workout) and a cardio/strength group fitness instructor teaching across several gyms in the greater Seattle-Bellevue area. She is also a comprehensively trained Balanced Body  Pilates instructor teaching mat, reformer and apparatus teaching dailyout of a local private studio.


Her passion for equity in exercise (wellness for all body types and ages) drives her to pursue the latest scientifically proven innovations in exercise.  Her clients enjoy that she can provide a variety of exercises to meet their needs, so that workouts can be effective without overwhelming the client.  She also strives to give her clients workouts that can be done at home with minimal equipment. 

Mariana takes a wholistic approach at personal training with her clients. This includes conducting an initial assessment to identify muscle imbalances, movement patterns, and physical compensations to build a physical program that best fits the client.


During our sessions we review eating and thought patterns, we examine daily habits and discuss how to change behavior so that you can feel better about yourself. 

Mariana also incorporates stress management as a key component of reaching one's optimal wellness levels.  Mariana believes that managing stress is a crucial component to achieving your wellness goals. We examine stressors and how they can affect our food choices, mental state and behaviors.  We make plans for how to minimize the effects of stress so that we can stay on the path to reach your goals.


Whether your goal is to feel better in your body, strength training, or take up a new sport/hobby Mariana is an experienced and compassionate trainer who is invested in helping you achieve your wellness goals.

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