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Can bellydance flatten the stomach?

There is a misconception that exercising the belly will reduce the size of one's belly. The truth is that often a large belly is due to an overabundance of visceral fat. This is fat that is inside the abdomen and surrounding your vital organs. To lose fat in these areas requires more than just exercise alone, it also requires dietary changes. Dietary changes are best managed under the supervision of registered nutritionist and in some cases a medical doctor.

Bellydance can also not tighten loose skin that surrounds the belly. For that you would need to see a doctor specializing in aesthetics such as dermatology or plastic surgery.

However, bellydance can help tone a belly by helping an individual learn to control their abdominal muscles. Practicing undulations and pops and locks is a great way to start to feel the belly muscles and with continued practice one can become very proficient at controlling those muscles. However, I hate to break the news to you that belly rolls alone will not give you six pack. Diet and exercise can help however! See my personal training page to find out how I can help you!


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